Article in ART EDIT #6 2015 page 64.

Beverley Tainton - "Tweed River Valley" Acrylic on canvas 75 x 150cm $3,500

Beverley Tainton - "Theatrical Rocks Bundanon" Acrylic on canvas 89 x 120cm $4,290

Beverley Tainton - "Blue Mountains" Acrylic on canvas 98 x 98cm $2,900

Beverley Tainton

Beverley Tainton has been creating art works for 40 years. Her painterly abstract technique captures the essence of the landscapes that inspire her. "I paint to make visible, not to reproduce the visible," says the artist. Tainton is inspired by the ever-changing rhythms, patterns and colours of nature and in particular traces of human intervention within nature, such as ploughed fields, rows of crops and dams. "I find particular interest in the ways these experiences are acentuated by the

seasons and times of day," she says. Working primarily with acrylics, Tainton initially builds up layered mindscapes from visual experiences, allowing the painting to evolve on the canvas and eventually dictate what she should do next. "I love to expose the underlying transparent layers in some areas, whilst covering them in others," she says. "My work continues to evolve in this manner until I feel the dialogue between colour, form and space has been resolved." Tainton frequently exhibits at Petrie Terrace Gallery in Brisbane, as well as many regional galleries.

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