Solo exhibitions

2023Wild Canary Art BrookfieldSolo 26 September to 16 November 2023
2022Wild Canary Art BrookfieldSolo 12 July to 15 August 2022
2021Revival Art GallerySolo 5 July to 18 July 2021
2016Percolator GallerySolo 23 August to 4 September 2016
2015Hervey Bay Regional GallerySolo from February to March
2014Percolator Gallery15-27 July
2012Percolator Gallery
2010Graydon GalleryVideo featured below
2009Brisbane Supper Club Gallery
2007Doggett Street Studio
2003Michel Sourgnes Fine Arts
1998La Chatelaine


Beverley's art has been exhibited in the following galleries:

  • Wild Canary Art, Brookfield
  • Petrie Terrace Gallery
  • Glen Aplin Gardens Gallery
  • Wattling Galleries
  • Frances Reilly Gallery
  • Hang-Ups Gallery
  • Gallery 419
  • New Farm Gallery
  • Michel Sourgnes Fine Arts
  • Red Hill Gallery
  • Maria Perides Art Galleries
  • Riverhouse Gallery
  • Tusk Gallery, Kilsyth

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