Selection of paintings in private collections

Botanical Gift (75x75)

Morning Visit (80x80)

Floating Garden (60x60)

Abstract Landforms (45x45)

With Water Comes... (75x75)

Summer Growth (60x60)

Entrance (75x75)

Kitchen Corner (98x98)

Off the Track (80x80)

Only in Autumn (45x45)

Autumn Gift (75x75)

Introducing Yellow (61x50)

Shadow Play (75x75)

Reflecting on Spring (90x120)

Freshly Picked (60x60)

Summer Day (100x120)

Sanctuary (98x98)

Into the Valley (98x98)

Interlude (98x98)

Silent Bells (60x60)

The Climb Ahead (60x60)

Coastal1 (45x45)

Reflection (40x30)

For the Bouquet (98x98)

Living in the Shadow (98x98)

Summer Roses (75x75)

Pause and Listen (75x133)

Meandering Course (98x98)

From a Friend (98x98)

Radiant Day (60x60)

Blue Drift (75x75)

Woven (75x75)

Song to the Moon (98x98)

Coucal Trail (98x98)

Reflections (98x98)

Memories of Girraween (98x98)

Carefree (80x80)

Joy (75x75)

Young at Heart (40x40)

Time to Reflect (75x125)

Source of Life (93x133)

Nature's Gifts (150x150)

Finding Another Way (83x83)

Endurance (90x109)

From the Window (100x120)

Accompaniment to Lunch (98x98)

Walking my Buddy (120x100)

Southbank Arbour (83x83)

Encounter With Glass (98x98)

Rejuvenation (98x98)

Coastal (75x95)

River Bank (60x120)

Hush of Evening (60x60)

Into the Garden (150x150)

September (75x133)

Catching the Moon (98x98)

Possibilities (98x98)

In Wendy Whiteleys Garden (150x150)

August (98x98)

Rhythms of Life (90x240)

Stone Fruit Country (98x98)

Girraween Spring (98x98)

Swimming for Gold - Mitch Larkin (98x75)

Surprise Encounter (67x120)

Imaginings (98x98)

Night and Day (67x120)

Lime Hill (98x98)

And Hot Sand (98x98)

Into the Rainforest (75x133)

Moonlight Serenade (98x98)

From Lavender Bay (75x133)

Tweed River Valley (75x150)

Rusty Tree (98x98)

Whale Bay Marina (75x266)

In Wendy Whiteleys Garden 1 (75x75)

Cultivation Footprints (75x133)

River Gift (90x120)

Invitation to Enter (95x75)

Sandra (90x75)

Creation (79x62)

Showers Over Lavender Bay (75x75)

A Colourful Life (98x98)

After the Frosts (90x120)

Waiting for Spring (75x133)

Lavender Blue Evening (60x120)

A Nightingale Sang (98x98)

Garden Illusion (88x118)

From Tallavera Grove Hunter Valley (92x153)

Invitation to Winter (98x98)

Flight Path (60x120)

Only in Spring (75x75)

Colourful Conversations (60x60)

Recovery (60x60)

Figs (60x60)

Les Deux Magots (98x98)

In the Iris Garden (60x120)

Flowers for the Saturday Girl (75x95)

Darling Downs Winter (75x95)

Winter's Weave (60x120)

Floral Flight (60x120)

Blossom Pink (60x60)

Blown by the Wind (98x98)

Spring Days (98x98)

Glass Houses (29x95)

Great Boulders (95x75)

Peach Blossom Hill (95x75)

Enter Spring

Butterfly Lagoon (60x60)

On a Pink Orange Day

Butterflies (98x98)

Nana's Treasures

Summer Days (98x98)

New England Spring

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