Artist statement

Art does not reproduce the visible; rather it makes visible.

Paul Klee

Beverley is constantly striving to portray experiences, concepts and feelings using line, form, colour and space relationships in contemporary and often abstract ways.

She works mainly in acrylics on canvas. Initially she builds up mindscapes from her visual experiences and then allows the work to evolve on the canvas. Eventually, she reaches the creative point where the painting dictates what she should do next.

Beverley loves to expose the underlying transparent layers in some areas, whilst covering them in others. More transparent glazing follows building layer upon layer. Her work continues to evolve in this manner until she feels the dialogue between colour, form and space has been resolved.


2024RQAS Abstract Exhibition2nd Prize
2023133rd RQAS Members AnnualBest Artwork All Sections
2023Brisbane Rotary Art SpectacularFinalist
2021Aspects Art Show, GoondiwindiHighly Commended
2021RQAS Abstract AwardsHighly Commended
2020RQAS Members Annual ExhibitionPeople's Choice Award
2019RQAS Elegant Chaos Still Life Exhibition1st Prize
2019RQAS Abstract AwardsHighly Commended
2019Brisbane Rotary Art SpectacularFinalist
2018Brisbane Rotary Art SpectacularFinalist
2017RQAS Landscape ExhibitionCommended
2017RQAS All Creatures ExhibitionPeople's Choice Award
2017RQAS Artist's Choice AwardsHighly Commended
2017RQAS Abstract AwardsHighly Commended
2017Brisbane Rotary Art SpectacularFinalist
2016RQAS Abstract Awards3rd Prize
2016RQAS Town & Country ExhibitionHighly Commended
2016Brisbane Rotary Art SpectacularFinalist
2015Kenilworth Arts Council Inc, ExhibitionSelected
2015Rio Tinto and Martin Hanson Memorial Art Awards, GladstoneSelected
2015Brisbane Boys Grammar School Art ExhibitionSelected
2014Kenilworth Arts Council Inc, Kenilworth Painting Prize 2014Finalist
2014The Stanthorpe Art FestivalShort Listed
2013Rio Tinto and Martin Hanson Memorial Art Awards, GladstoneChristian Thomsen Painting Award
2013Royal Queensland Art Society Inc.Fellow of the RQAS
2013Kenilworth Arts Council Inc, Kenilworth Painting Prize 2013Finalist
2012Brookfield Show, Open Art Award2nd Prize
2011Maleny Art Awards & Exhibition, Oil or Acrylic1st Prize
2009RQAS Annual Exhibition, Open SectionCommended
2009Artstate AwardsFinalist
2008Artstate AwardsFinalist
2008Brookfield Show, Open Art Award1st Prize
2007RQAS Annual Exhibition, Open SectionCommended
2006Brookfield Show, Open Art Award3rd Prize
2006RQAS Annual Exhibition, Open SectionHighly Commended
2004Brookfield Show, Open Art AwardHighly Commended
2003Brookfield Show, Open Art Award3rd Prize
2003Gatton City Council Art Award2 x Highly Commended
2002RQAS Annual Exhibition, Open Section1st Prize
2000RQAS Annual Exhibition, Open Section1st Prize
1999RQAS Annual Exhibition, Open SectionHighly Commended
1997 and 1998Brookfield Show, Open Art AwardCommended
1995Brookfield Show, Open Art Award1st Prize


At Somerville House, Beverley studied art under Archibald Prize finalist Betty Quelhurst. Beverley has studied intensively across a wide cross-section of art genre and has developed affinity particularly for the work of painters such as:

  • Richard Diebenkorn
  • Judy Cassab
  • Margaret Woodward
  • John Olsen
  • Charles Blackman
  • Ann Thomson

She has visited the major galleries in Paris, Amsterdam, London, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide to study major works of prominent artists and is a member of and regular visitor to QAGOMA. Beverley has an extensive personal art library which continues to contribute to her art education in a major way. As part of her art formation, Beverley has attended workshops conducted by Irene Amos, Harold Lane, John Rigby, Christine Kirkegard and Sally LeEstrange (BIA).

Beverley graduated as a Registered Nurse in 1967 but since the early 1970's she has devoted herself to a passion for painting, first in oils but more recently in Arylics.

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